Christmas is finally upon us and marketers and advertisers have all rolled up their sleeves to try and create memorable ads that they hope will bring shoppers in. John Lewis really started this trend of massive Xmas ads back in 2007 with Shadows and since then the new John Lewis ad has become something of a British Christmas tradition heralding the start of the Christmas period. Other brands like Sainsburys and Marks & Spencer have followed suit in making these big budget Christmas ads to varying success.
Have a look at our list below to see all the best Christmas ads released for 2016 and let us know which one is your favourite.

John Lewis – Buster The Boxer

Of course the latest John Lewis ad was going to be at the top of our list. This ad features a slightly jealous dog watching all the local wildlife bounce around on a newly built trampoline. A much more toned down and straight forward idea than their last few ads but it does feature some amazing CG animals.

H&M – Come Together

Directed by Wes Anderson this ad brings the oddness and quirkiness that he is known for in spades. The ad stars Adrian Brody as a train conductor that announces to his passengers that they’ll be missing Christmas due to delays (something I’m sure Southern Rail passengers could probably relate to) and then takes it upon himself to make sure his passengers have a good time regardless (some thing I’m sure Southern Rail passengers have no experience of).

Burberry – The Tale of Thomas Burberry

This is probably the most different ad in the list as it isn’t really about Christmas, yet due to the timing of it’s release and it’s budget puts it well within the remit of one so we’re counting it. This ad plays like a trailer for a biopic film of Thomas Burberry and how he created his brand. It stars Domhnall Gleeson, Sienna Miller, Dominic West and Lily James and certainly feels like a big budget hollywood blockbuster. It’s just a shame theres no actual film.

Marks & Spencers – With love from Mrs Claus

Marks and Sparks new Christmas introduces Mrs Claus, who after reading a heart warming letter from a young lad who wants to get a nice gift for his sister takes Christmas into her own hands.

Waitrose – Home For Christmas

A heartwarming ad to end our list. This one tells the tale of a small Robin that travels an inexplicably dangerous distance for such a small bird just to get home for Christmas.

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