The Super Bowl between the Patriots and Falcons is taking place this weekend and like usual all the big players in the world of advertising have been pulling out all the stops in creating some moving and creative ads for this years ‘bowl. It’s one of the most watched events on TV and so obviously brands are going to want to plug there wares in front of millions of captivated Americans, and as the number of viewers gets bigger so does the cost of advertising in it. A mere 30 second slot in one ad break is now costing as much as $5,000,000 so ad agencies are under incredible pressure for their ads to make an impact and perform.
We’ve selected 3 ads which we think will do just that when they get aired.

Audi – Daughter #DriveProgress

In this unexpected TVC from Audi, we can see a father and daughter taking part in a downhill karting competition, reminiscent of a kid’s TV program The father’s narration talks about the world in which his daughter lives in and promotes equal pay ending with the hashtag #DriveProgress, which is derived from their well-known tagline. It’s beautifully shot and is backed with an amazing orchestral sound track that really enhances the important message pulling on the heart strings.

Budweiser – Born The Hard Way

Another very relevant spot, this time focusing on immigration and the journey that, Budweiser’s co-founder, Adolphus Busch had to take to get to America in the 1800s. Another very cinematic advert that feels almost like a film condensed into 60 seconds.

Old Spice – Jungle Hero

In the classic Old Spice way this ad is very OTT and acts almost as a parody to the overly serious ads for fragrances from Lynx and other similar competitors. It’s definitely worked at separating them from the crowd before and probably will do again.

Wix – Chez Felix

This is Wix’s first ‘big game spot’ and they’ve pulled out all the stops to make it as memorable as the others. This ad features action stars Jason Statham and Gal Gadot who dispatch a number of goons in a restaurant, destroying it in the process. This one will definitely get people talking.

Buick – Not So Pee Wee Football

A more traditional ad from Buick and the only one that actually features football and stars football players. It plays on a fairly well used visual gag but it’s executed really well and is pretty funny so we like it.

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