Video is an incredibly fast moving industry, with trends coming and going quicker than ever before. If you want to make sure you’re always ahead of the competition and stay on top of the game, take a look at the most recent video trends in 2017.
As Google puts it “one word summarises the trends in consumer behaviour… MORE” a lot of the trends this year are focused on more and more people engaging with online video than ever before.

1) More people watching Facebook Video.

Views on Facebook have increased exponentially from 1 billion a day to now 8 billion a day and at the same time normal texts posts are decreasing. Facebook pages such as LadBible and NowThis are reaching mass audiences that TV advertisers could only dream of.
With Facebooks’ continued investment in Video, it’s likely to get even bigger over the course of the next few years. So, if you’re not posting your videos on Facebook then get right on it!

2) More Live Video

Facebook and Snapchat along with Twitter have been massively investing in Live video which gives marketers a unique opportunity to engage directly with audiences. Live video is great for a number of reasons: You can give your audience a sneak peek at new products, show what it’s like to work somewhere and introduce your staff or even live stream conferences. Over the course of 2017, we will be seeing Live video get bigger and bigger.

3) Watching content on more than one device at the same time.

According to Google, 85% of adults (aged 18-49) use multiple devices at the same time (e.g. watching TV and using your phone) and two thirds of YouTube users watch YouTube as a second screen.
More and more viewers, especially those in the younger generations, have added YouTube to their ‘primetime’ lineup meaning advertisers could have reached 56% more 18-49 year olds by additionally advertising on YouTube. If there was ever a time to start advertising on YouTube… it’s now.

4) More 360° Videos

While 360° are still currently a “nice to have” option 2017 will see them become a “must have” for some brands. The retention rate for 360° videos is double that of normal videos and a massive 90% of people that watch 360° videos of a product say that they are helpful in the purchase decision process as they let the user feel like they a look and interacting with the product ‘in person’. In-fact, a recent VR campaign by Thomas Cook saw a “180% uplift in New York excursions” as people go to ‘try before they fly’.

5) More temporary content

The rise of Snapchat in recent years has been something to behold with ad revenue expected to reach nearly $1 Billion this year. Whilst it may feel unnatural and wrong for marketers to see their hard work ‘vanish’ soon after it’s release on Snapchat they also need to remember that by the end of 2017, Snapchat will have 217 million daily users with the bulk of them being millennials who can be somewhat difficult to reach. If your company wants to or does focus on these millennials, then Snapchat should definitely be in your sights. Snapchat users love the transparency of temporary videos as it is perceived as honest and engaging.
Using the methods above will let you really engage with your customers in a new and innovative way. If you think any of these types of film could suit your company then don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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