When making a film, music is one of the most important elements to consider.  Music changes the tone of a film and helps the audience feel something more about your brand, product or organisation.
Picking the right track however can be extremely difficult, as music is such a subjective medium.  The perfect track for you might be the worst track you could possibly think of for the person sitting next to you.
If you take a look at a couple of examples below of films we’ve shot and edited with specifically chosen tracks, and then try watching them again with the sound turned off, it gives you a great example of the power of music.

We have extensive experience when it comes to selecting the right track for your film and audience. For example if you work for a tech company and your video is about your production line at a factory then pop music probably isn’t the best call for that.  We’d come back to you with a range of options, probably suggesting something with a more electronic vibe.
Vertical Productions has access to a number of huge music libraries and music composers (both here and abroad), so we’re never short of ideas or options when it comes to picking the right music for your video. Have a look through our work portfolio and see for yourself.

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