Video marketing is undoubtably one of the most important tools you can use when it comes to getting your product out there and not using it could leave you well behind in the marketplace given that everyone is doing it. Facebook and YouTube combined, are getting 10 billion views a day on their video content so if your company doesn’t have a video or if you do have one but aren’t getting the results that you think you should then check out the tips below for creating a great video campaign.

Make it snappy

The average person watching a video on YouTube or Facebook has a very small attention span. We think that the ideal length for a promotional film is 90 to 120 seconds – but it’s totally dependent on what you’re trying to achieve, and where you’re publishing the content. This should be more than enough time to convey any key messages and get your message out in an engaging way.


Build it and they will come. If you spend time optimising your video for search engines that is. Otherwise they’ll probably not see it, even if your video is the most amazing thing in the world and you’ve spent the bulk of your marketing budget on it. On whatever site you upload it to there are always a number of options you can use to get better results. Use keywords in the titles, use relevant video tags and descriptions as search engines (especially Google) prefer video content over written articles. Sharing it on your social media sites also can’t hurt.

Call to action

Quite a simple one but at the end of your video add a link to your website via an annotation (if you’re using YouTube). This is the quickest and most efficient way of getting viewers to your website or any other relevant location you might want to send them to. Make it as easy as possible for your target market to get to your site if possible.

Engage your audience

Probably the most important point. Create a fun, engaging video for your company that will keep your target market interested. Try to avoid making a slideshow or just a simple presenter video of your CEO standing awkwardly delivering the financial report from the last quarter. No one wants to see that. Have a look at the examples below for a mens razor company…

Those are just some tips as to how to boost your video marketing campaign. Vertical Productions has stacks of experience when it comes to creating effective online video campaigns so why not contact us if you have any ideas.