You might be thinking about making a video for your company, and it’s got to be fresh, exciting and engaging to your target audience.
Well, if you want to try something different that will set you apart from your competitors, then there are some interesting video marketing trends which you could utilise to help make this happen.


Thanks to the appearance of Live Streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat and the ability to stream live through Facebook, the ability to truly interact and connect with your audience has never been greater. Using live webcasts, you could share events or special announcements, host interviews and Q&A sessions, show your audience how you make a product, and more besides.
Big brands like GE and Adidas are utilising it already to great success.

Gifs and Cinemagraphs

Loosely speaking these are short looping video clips or animations. They’re fantastic for short form advertising as they not only look great they can be quite captivating as well. They’re also pretty ubiquitous on the internet in 2016 with Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest all offering various forms to play them via autoplay, auto looping and more. Brands such as Toyota and fashion brand Stuart Weitzman are using them and as you can below see they’re quite simple but very effective.
Here are some more great examples of this simple yet effective technique:

Interactive video

Another great way to truly interact with your customers is to have them interact with your videos! There are various ways to do this, either like the the award winning Honda ‘Other Side’ campaign or you use services such as Rapt. Have a loot at this great example for Phillips and this recruitment film for Deloitte. Using Rapt gives the audience multiple different choices in the way the video could unfold.
Using the methods above as well as things like 360-degree video (which we’ve used and written about extensively) you can really unleash your creativity and make something for your company or your customers which really works. If you’d like use any of these types of films for your company then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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