At Vertical we’re very aware that online video content is extremely good at helping companies grow, no matter the size of the business. Over the past few years effective video content has become more and more important to video marketers, especially in the B2B markets where 96% of them are currently using video marketing in some form and nearly 3/4 of them reporting positive results in terms of return on investment.
But what are the best practices for measuring ROI? Below we will be sharing some tips for how to get the most out of your video marketing campaigns.

Good content

It may sound obvious but the first step towards a strong return on investment is creating great content that’s specifcally catering towards your target market. Vertical Productions has a long track record in producing quality films for a variety of needs be it product sales, B2B marketing or events we’ve got it covered so no matter what you need, we will be on hand to consult and create the perfect film for your target audience.


When you’ve got your film and uploaded it your video hosting site you’ll first get to see how engaged your viewers are. Figuring out how engaged your viewers are is usfeul as you’ll need to know when people stop watching the video (video abandonment will happen no matter what the video is, so dont worry about that) and seeing where they go next.
You can encourage engagment in your videos through a number of ways..
– Adding social media links is probably the easiest way to measure it as you’ll be able to see exactly where your video is being posted and why.
– Adding ‘calls to action’ such as email sign ups at the end of the videos is also another good way of measuring engagement.
– Good video thumbnails are also very important when it comes to viewer retention as they can improve viewer engagement by up to 154%!
You will need to make sure your viewers will get to the end first and keep up the viewer rentention. The best way to do this is by making your videos short and snappy. This graph from video hosting website Wistia shows the average viewer rentention for different lengths of films.
As you can see the optimal length for a film is up to about 3 minutes but any less than that is a bonus. But don’t think that your 3 minute video of paint drying will have the same viewer rentention. You’ll need to have a compelling and interesting film thats specifically aimed at your target market first and foremost to pull off data like in the graph above.


There are a number of tools for measuring analytics in video, most notably being Google Analytics. Upon a campaign being completed and is running it’s absolutely worth checking the analytics to see if your campaign is on course for your targets, whether it’s higher conversion rates or newsletter signups you’ll be able to see where people are coming from in the world, what they’re clicking on and how long they’re sticking around on your website. With videos in particular, it’s useful to see whether it’s enough to convert the viewer into a paying customer, and it usually is as 64% of people viewing a video on a companies website end up becoming a customer, so studying the analytics that make up the viewership of the video and your website and tweaking it where nessecary will make that number go higher.
If you’d like Vertical Productions to talk to you about creating great content for your video marketing campaign then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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