The Olympics are here once again and for advertisers and marketers it provides a unique opportunity to engage with a sporty or a not-quite-sporty-but-interested target market, inspiring those who are trying their best and pushing their body to the limit in whatever the sport they chose and helping other get off the couch and go and do something (and I’m not counting Pokemon Go).
Below are a number of great Olympics-themed ads that will make you laugh, cry and more. Let us know which one’s your favourite!

Nike – Unlimited You

Another fantastic all-star ad from Nike. This ad features the voice work of Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac as he introduces you to various people challenging themselves before the trailer pauses at the 57 second mark. At this point everyone takes his words of encouragement a little too seriously and they’re diving off cliffs, racing athletes, crashing cars and more. The ad features the likes of Neymar Jr, Serena Williams and Mo Farah taking everything a bit too far.

Visa – The Swim

This year Visa are sponsoring a team at the Olympics made entirely out of refugees and this moving ad features Yusra Mardini, and incredible woman whose story is explained beautifully in this short film.

Channel 4 – Superhumans

An incredible advert for the Paralympic games that will be aired on Channel 4 in the UK. Over 140 disabled people appear in the ad competing in sports, playing in bands, flying planes and more because of course they can. An absolute celebration of the human condition.

Gillette – Perfect Isn’t Pretty

A much grittier ad now which features the trials and difficulties of various athletes struggling to cope with the pressure.
Have any of these Olympic films inspired you to take part in the act? Why not get in touch with Vertical Productions? We can help you out with all your video production needs.

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