Recruiting the best talent is always a challenge, but there are some things companies can do to raise awareness of the roles on offer, and to look more attractive to graduates and potential employees.
Video is one way to make a company stand out from the crowd as it can demonstrate to people why it’s such a great environment in which to work. Video can reflect the culture, the types of people that work there, the offices and show off potential career opportunities. You’d be hard pressed to make any of that come off successfully with any other method.
Recruitment films can be used in quite a lot of ways as well. They can be hosted on your career site, your job postings and on YouTube to provide any potential candidates a quick and clear way to get the information they’re after. You can also use the video at job fairs to give any job seekers a positive impression of your company.
We’ve made a number of recruitment films for a wide range of companies, so have a look at the examples below let us know what you think!

Volkswagen Graduate Scheme

This video for Volkswagen was a pleasure to make. It’s for a graduate scheme so it’s obviously aimed at a younger audience and as such we injected a lot of humour and fun into the video. Everyone in the video sarcastically talks about how ‘boring’ it is whilst doing amazing things in the company.

Working at BDO

We made a short series of films for accountancy film BDO where numerous employees at various stages of their career talk about Working, Careers and Culture. This was an interesting one because of the responses we got from staff up and down the career ladder. Bosses spoke about how proud they are to see the company grow, newer employees talk about how excited they are about the future because of the opportunities that BDO afforded them. There’s also some nice motion graphics separating the videos out with questions. You can watch the other two videos here.

Hays – Recruiting Experts

We’ve made quite a few films for the recruitment company Hays Plc. This film is focused on Elizabeth who talks about her time working for Hays, the work that she does and her future prospects. You can see the other films we’ve made for Hays Plc here and here.

Volkswagen Graduate Scheme – Animation

We also created this animated film for the Volkswagen Graduate Recruitment Scheme campaign.  It’s a different approach to the others on this list. It’s an animation that, with a narrator, explores what brands the Volkswagen Group covers, what they’re up to in the UK and gives graduates a better understanding of VWG and how they work as a business
All the videos above are great examples of how recruitment videos can be used and Vertical Productions are experts at making them. If you have a recruitment film you’re considering for your company then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d be delighted to come back with some creative solutions.

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