All of us at Vertical Productions live and breathe video production. We love making video, thinking about video, watching video and we thought why not share some of our favourite videos with the world? So we wanted to share on a regular basis content that we like… these will range from anything from the most recent viral hit to clever branded content for you to be inspired by.

Save The Children

The 2014 ad depicting the life of a normal London schoolgirl as if she was escaping a civil war parallels whats happening in Syria was a fantastic twist on the “what if it was here?” style of storytelling. It was compelling and moving and went viral with currently over 53 million views and a slew of awards.
Now, two years later Save The Children have followed it up with a gritty sequel with the same cast that now depicts the current Refugee crisis that came as a result of the Syrian civil war. It’s just as hard hitting and effective at making you think about the plight of the refugees.


This amazing video made by Justin Lin and the clever people at Google and The Mill really highlights the power of 360 filmmaking. Worth watching and if you can chuck on your Google Cardboard visor and check this out. Vertical has stacks of experience at creating 360 films so if this sort of thing really floats your boat then let us know.

Clearasil – We Know Acne, We Don’t Know Teens

Teenagers these days are pretty confusing. Unlike the rest of us they’ve all grown up in a time where they’ve always had access to the internet and thus spend most of the time hashtagging and selfieing as much as possible (I assume). Plenty of companies that market towards this generation have no idea how to really reach them and can sometimes embarrass themselves in the process. Clearasil have decided to go an alternate route and just straight up admit that they don’t know teenagers and this hilarious ad campaign uses lots of pretty common stereotypes about the clueless adult to great affect.

Coldplay – Up&Up

Before you scroll down or click away I would really highly recommend you watch this music video from a technical standpoint. There is a lot of fantastic and extremely creative rotoscope and compositing work (cutting images from one video and placing it in another) in this video that make it an absolute joy to watch (despite the music).

Hyper Reality

This film presents a version of the future where augmented reality has become the norm. The amount of work that has gone into this film is staggering, the sheer number of individual elements and time it must have taken to composition it all into the video must’ve taken 100s of hours. It’s immensely impressive and well worth a watch. Vertical has a great track record at creating engaging motion graphics, check out our animation showreel.

We pride ourselves on creating video content that is ahead of the curve but also works for our clients. If you’d like to know how Vertical can help you achieve your goals through amazing video production then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact page.

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